Kingsford   Sydney    Australia
Information Page
Cake Flavours

anilla, Strawberry , Chocolate, Marble , Chocolate and Vanilla
Strawberry and Vanilla

Chocolate Mud,      White Mud,         Caramel Mud,        Strawberry and Cream Mud,
Jaffa Mud,           After Dinner Mint Mud,         Marble Mud ,
Chocolate and White Chocolate Mud,             Caramel and White Mud,
Caramel and Dark Mud

Also available are Carrot Cake , Banana Cake
and Fruit Cake


We have not put prices on any of our designs as there are so many
variables that apply to every cake that we would have to list them all,
 If you like a design just email us for further information telling
 us how many serves you would like and if it is for dessert or
 coffee and just
quote its name or code . Its that simple.


We have over 1000 Wedding Cake pictures in 13 albums,
There are also
  9 albums for Kids Cakes, 14 albums on Adult Birthday Cakes,
  9 albums on Christening Cakes ,  and even an album of "Naughty cakes"
We add to our photo albums every week.

For further information please feel free to contact us